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Location of Sampla in Rohtak District

Titoli is a village situated around 8 kms from Rohtak in Rohtak tahsil towards Jind. Neighboring villages are Sunderpur and Khidwali.

Jat Gotras


The village has a total of 2000 beegha land under its area.

The exact time of Titoli's existence is not known, but almost all of the Kundu people have migrated from Titoli to other Kundu Gotri Vilages. Therefore, Titoli is often called as DADA GAAM by all Kundu Gotri People from Different Villages.

In ancient times, the Hooda gotri Jats from nearby villages Sanghi, Khidwali attacked Titoli in order to make people of Titoli run away and grab the land of this village. But Kundu's applied brains and even after being leser in number, they managed to stay safe and also set the attackers back. They managed to dig deep ditches around the village and left small narrow Allies to ensure mobility. When a man entered the village land with a group of invaders, he was dressed as a Groom. A Man from Titoli at once cut his head from body with a sharp axe. The Head was not returned and was buried in the foundation of a Chaupal in village, now known as Dhauli piras (धौली परस). From that day onwards, neither inhabitant of any neighboring village ever tried to attack Titoli people,. The Hoodas of all villages enter this building of chaupal with their bare heads i.e. after taking out their turbans from their head in their hand.

दलीपसिंह अहलावत लिखते हैं -

.....जब अंग्रेज रोहतक पर किसी तरह भी काबू न पा सके तो उन्होंने 26 जुलाई 1857 ई० को रोहतक को जींद के महाराजा स्वरूपसिंह को सौंप दिया। दिसम्बर के अन्त तक जाटों की खापें अंग्रेजों से युद्ध करने के अतिरिक्त आपस में एक दूसरे पर आक्रमण करती रहीं और बीच-बीच में रांघड़ों तथा कसाइयों से भी लड़ती रहीं।

कप्तान हडसन अपने साथ अंग्रेज सैनिकों को लेकर 16 अगस्त, सन् 1857 को 12 बजे रोहतक पहुंचा था। उसने कुछ लोगों को इकट्ठे देखकर गोली चला दी जिससे 16 आदमी मर गये। यह घटना चारों ओर के देहात में फैल गई। अगले दिन 17 अगस्त को सिंहपुरा, सुन्दरपुर, टिटौली आदि के 1500 जाट चढ़ आये। उन्होंने हडसन की सेना से युद्ध किया जिसमें इनके 50 आदमी शहीद हो गये। [2]


Population of Titoli according to Census 2001 is 9160 including males 5112 and females 4048.

Neighboring Villages

Titoli Pin code is 124005.

Sunderpur ( 3 KM ) , Jindran ( 4 KM ) , Samar Gopal Pur Kalan ( 4 KM ) , Samar Gopal Pur Khurd ( 4 KM ) , Ghuskani ( 4 KM ) , Sisroli are the nearby Villages to Titoli. Other villages include Sanghi, Khidwali, Makrauli, Jassia, Chiddi, Singhpura etc.


Titoli has a Govt. High School from many years. People from neighboeing voillages like Sunderpur also came too study in this Govt. High School.

Colleges near Titoli

Rama Krishna College Address : V.post. Chandi; Teh. Meham; Rohtak ; Haryana Schools in Titoli

Gsss Titoli Address : Titoli , Rohtak , Haryana . PIN- 124005

Mgmsss Titoli Address : Titoli , Rohtak , Haryana . PIN- 124005

Sd Vidyapeeth Titoli Address : Titoli , Rohtak , Haryana . PIN- 124005

Janta High School Titoli Address : Titoli , Rohtak , Haryana . PIN- 124005

Vijay High School Titoli Address : Titoli , Rohtak , Haryana . PIN- 124005

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  • Saksham Kundu (Nitin Kundu) is a web developer and web designer currently studying for degree of B Pharma at PGIMS Rohtak. +918950649901 www.fb.me/nitin.kundu He is a volunteer of United Jats movement and is an enthusiastic person. He want to do something good for his village by going to Politics starting from SARPANCH elections and then developing the village like anything based on model of Bibipur and other villages making the village a Tech Village with modern facilities, good drainage system, clean streets with better lifestyle of people.

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