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Location of Tunwa in Sikar district

Tunwa (तूणवा) is a medium-size village in Laxmangarh tahsil, Sikar district in Rajasthan. Its ancient name, mentioned in Harsha Inscription 961 AD (L-38), was Tunakupaka (तूणकूपक).


Tun Jats


Its ancient name was Tunakupaka and was one of Towns and Villages of Chauhan Dominions.

Dasharatha Sharma mentions about this village in Chauhan_Administration#The_Vishayas. ...These vishayas were further subdivided into smaller groups, each one named after its chief village. One such group, for instance, was Tunakupaka-dvadashaka, i.e., a unit of which the chief village was Tunu or Tunakupaka out of twelve villages under a grant. Bigger divisions like those of 84 villages also existed in Sapadalaksha.

Jat Gotras in Tunwa


As per Census-2011 statistics, Tunwa village has the total population of 1719 (of which 857 are males while 862 are females).[1]

Notable persons

  • Chandra Singh Rewad - Mob:9383856414

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