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Location of Gohad in Bhind District

Umri (उमरी) is a village and site of Jat Fort in Bhind District in Madhya Pradesh.



Occupation of Bhind by Rana 1768

The Jawahar Singh of Bharatpur and Rana of Gohad had an agreement in May 1768, under which Rana of Gohad asked for help in the matters of Bhind. After that Rana of Gohad attacked Bhind and occupied it. [1] [2]

Due to the bravery of Rana Chhatra Singh, all people inside the fort came out. The joint Bharatpur-Gohad army were led by sardar Danshah and Mohkam Singh. The Jats also occupied Kaitha and Amayan forts. The Jats divided their army into three parts to retake their forts from Maratha occupation. One battalion was kept each at Umri, Indurakhi and Nandurakhi. The Sikh senapati of Jawahar Singh, Danshah after taking occupation of Bhind went to Ater across the Kunwari River. On the other side Jawahar Singh’s brother Ratan Singh came to meat Rana Chhatra Singh. In this war there were 1000 foot soldiers and 300 sawars in the army of Gohad led by senapati Madho Ram. [3]

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