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Uppal (उप्पल)[1] [2] Uparla (उपरला)/ Opal (ओपल[3] ) is a gotra of Jats in Punjab, India and Pakistan.


Jat Gotras Namesake


Jats of Uparnam (ऊपरनाम) village were known as Uppal. The land of Tushars was also known as 'Uparla Hind' (ऊपरला हिन्द). Uppal gotra is also supposed to be derived from it.[5]ates

Greatest Warrior

Hari Singh Nalwa(1791–1837) was born in Uppal/Utpal clan. He was Commander-in-chief of the Sikh Khalsa Fauj, the army of the Sikh Empire. He is known for his role in the conquests of Kasur, Sialkot, Attock, Multan, Kashmir, Peshawar and Jamrud. Hari Singh Nalwa was responsible for expanding the frontier of Sikh Empire to beyond the Indus River right up to the mouth of the Khyber Pass. At the time of his death, the western boundary of the empire was Jamrud.

He served as governor of Kashmir, Peshawar and Hazara. He established a mint on behalf of the Sikh Empire to facilitate revenue collection in Kashmir and Peshawar.

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Gurdaspur district

Uppal named village is in Gurdaspur tahsil of Gurdaspur district in Punjab, India.

Villages in Patiala district

Uppal population is 2,400 in Patiala district. [6]

Uppal are found in Montgomery, Ludhiana, Amritsar districts in Punjab. [7],[8]

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Ludhiana district

Villages in Sangrur district

Distribution in Pakistan

Uppal - The Uppal claim Rajput ancestry. They are found mainly in Lahore, Gujranwala and Faisalabad districts.

According to 1911 census, the population of the Uppal Muslim Jat clan was 87 in Lahore Distric in Pakistan. [9]

Notable persons from this clan

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