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Hye, Everyone

Myself, Ch Reyansh Singh, you could contact me by visiting my talk page by clicking here, thanks!

I am a Jat Boy from Henga Clan, the Hiungnu of Chinese.

I belonged to village Sethrapur(Govra) of Hathras District.

I'm currently a small history Writer with big hope, and together with I got big scope too!

I would like to thanks the admins of the web, and I really appreciate the contribution of every little member.


Template Creater

I'm currently trying to create some templates for Jatland Wiki
Some of my created templates are,
Infobox Ruler - To denotes and describes the various information about a Ruler or Warrior in a tabular form.
Note- The Templates are still in under construction, if you have suggestions, then please put them on my talk page. Thank You!


Facebook- Click here,