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Hye, Everyone

Myself, Ch. Reyansh Singh, you could contact me by clicking here, thanks!

I am a Jat Boy from Henga Clan, the Hiung-nu of Chinese variant.[1]

I belonges to village Sethrapur(Govra) of Hathras District, lies in Sadabad tehsil.

I'm currently a small history Writer with a big hope, and in the form of Jatland Wiki, I got big scope!

I would like to thanks the Admins of the web, and I really appreciate the contribution of every little member.



As a Wikifier I had wikified some Books on Jatland Wiki, which are stated below.


There are no books yet, that are completely Wikified by me. But many of them are Under My Construction

Under Work

The books that are currently under my construction, are stated below.

Note - The english version of the book named, Jats the Ancient Rulers is available on the Wiki!


List of all possible ways to contact with me, have been postulated below,

  • Instagram- Click here,
  • Facebook Contact- Click here,
  • E-Mail Address- "" Or, ""
  • My Website- You Could visit here to see my website/blog, where i uploads about the History of Jat People.

On Jatland Wiki

On Wiki, visit;

  • My Profile - Click here to see My Profile on Jatland Wiki Forums
  • My Talk Page (Where you can discuss anything with me!) - You could visit here, to redirect to My Talk Page.

Thank You, I'm waiting for your responses in Contacting.

Template Creater

I'm currently trying to create some templates for Jatland Wiki
Some of my created templates are,

  • Infobox Ruler - To denotes and describes the various information about a Ruler in tabular form.
  • Infobox Warrior - To denotes & describes the various information about a Warrior in tabular form
  • Signature - The Signature template is used in Signing(also in contact, sometimes) purpose.
  • Middle Ref - The Middle Reference template is used to create reference(s) within a section of some page.
  • Authorization - A beautiful header as claiming an authorization on any created page.

Note- The Templates are still in under construction, if you have suggestions, then please put them on my talk page. Thank You!


To see my Contributions, you could visit here.

Completed Pages

Pages that are created and completed by me, are stated below.

Under Construction

I'm Currently working on pages-(Below)


List of all Files upoaded by me, can be seen by clicking here.

For You!

At the end, I have something for you,

  • Just remember the Greatest warriors of all time, (Battle of Saragarhi, postulated above! In Hindi.)

The Battle of Saragarhi, was fought on 12th September in year 1897, where 21 Jats had victoriously conqueror over more than 10 thousands of Afghani Orakzai Pashtuns.[9]


I am currently studying at my home and preparing for some exams, to be something. If required then, you could leave your message to me by contacting me. Thank You! Ch.Reyansh Singh{Talk}

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