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Early Life and Family Background

Sandeep Rahar is a young IT entrepreneur highly focused towards revolutionizing the online world. He was born on “Oct 04, 1987”, in a JAT dominated village “Baijalpur” falling under the “Fatehabad” district of the Indian state of “Haryana”. This village lies on the well known “Bhuna - Hisar Road”, exactly 5 km from “Bhuna”. Sandeep Rahar was born in a very highly disciplined army family, his father “Capt. Bhagat Singh Rahar” has successfully served in “4th Rajputana Rifles” unit of the Indian Army for approximately 30 years before retiring with an honorary rank of Captain. His mother “Mrs. Rameshwari Devi”, is a house wife, she is a very kind-hearted and gentle lady.

Sandeep Rahar

Educational Background

Sandeep Rahar is an Army School alumni, having spent almost 14 years of his schooling life in a very highly disciplined, strict and punctual environment. Due to the regular postings of his father to different locations all over India, he got a golden opportunity to study at various amazing locations, like, Sambha (1993-1994), Delhi Cantt (1994-1996), Bhuna (1996-1999), Jammu (1999-2001), Hisar (2001-2004). He completed his final years of school education viz., 11th and 12th class at Pink City - Jaipur (2004-2006) from KV4 ( one of the best schools among the prestigious group of Kendriya Vidyalayas (Central Schools) in India ).

He was highly interested in computer technology, specifically the online websites and portals, therefore most often used to gain knowledge from his teachers and colleagues in this regard. Hence, in school itself he had learned the basics of web designing, HTML, PHP, graphic designing and software development. In order to enhance his knowledge, he opted for BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application). He successfully completed his bachelors from CRM JAT College in 2009 and also finished a professional course in software development viz., GNIIT (Graduation from National Institute of Information Technology) from NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology).

Career Life

Sandeep Rahar and business were never apart, he got it all from his birth along with the leadership and gentleman like traits of parents. His passion towards innovation led him to kick start his own business. However, the only problem he faced during the beginning was money, rest all he had, though he would have easily asked his father for the same but his conscience never permitted for it. He has always liked challenges and took this financial problem as one of them. As usual, he went ahead and earned money through a lot of small businesses like admissions consultancies, IT training's, marketing agencies, etc. His hard work earned him a real worth and he independently established his own IT firm (now a company) “Levitate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.”. As a Director he has performed marvelously on the business front by not only serving the national clients but also the international clients from Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Australia.

Technical Skills

  1. Dreamweaver (Web Designing Tool)
  2. XHTML, CSS, Java Script & jQuery (Web Codings)
  3. Photoshop, CorelDraw & Adobe Illustrator (Graphic Designing Tools)
  4. Adobe Flash (Flash Animations and Website Development)