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District map of Baghpat

Baranawa (बरणावा) is a Village in Baraut tahsil of district Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh. It is identified with Varanavata (वारणावत) of Mahabharata (V.31.19).


Sirsal Garh is one of the village of district Bagpat in Uttar Pradesh. The village is Located 25 km. in East of bank of river Yamuna.It is 40 km from Meerut City and 20 km. from Bagpat. In the East of this village a small town Barnawa famous from the ancient time of Mahabharata for the burning of Laksha-grah. Pincode- 250645.

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In Mahabharata

Adi Parva, Mahabharata/Mahabharata Book I Chapter 90 mentions that Duryodhana became exceedingly jealous of Pandavas. All Duryodhana's efforts proved futile. Then Dhritarashtra sent them, by an act of deception to Varanavata, and they went there willingly. There an endeavour was made to burn them to death; but it proved abortive owing to the warning counsels of Vidura. After that the Pandavas slew Hidimva, and then they went to a town called Ekachakra. There also they slew a Rakshasa of the name of Vaka and then went to Panchala. And there obtaining Draupadi for a wife they returned to Hastinapura. And there they dwelt for some time in peace and begat children. [1]

Udyoga Parva/Mahabharata Book V Chapter 31 mentions that Pandavas were desirous of peace and demanded only five villages: Kushasthala, Vrikasthala, Asandi, Varanavata, and for the fifth any other village to end the quarrel.

कुशस्थलं वृकस्थलम आसन्दी वारणावतम
अवसानं भवेथ अत्र किं चिथ एव तु पञ्चमम Mahabharata (V.31.19)

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  1. ततश च हिडिम्बम अन्तरा हत्वैक चक्रां गताः (I.90.79), तस्याम अप्य एकचक्रायां बकं नाम राक्षसं हत्वा पाञ्चाल नगरम अभिगताः Mahabharata (I.90.80)

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