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For village see Virwal Hisar

Veerwal (वीरवाल) Virwal (वीरवाल) Veeral (वीराल) is gotra of Jats found in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. They were supporters of Tomar Confederacy. [1]


Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Villages in Ghaziabad district

Villages in Baghpat district

Distribution in Punjab

Gotra is also there in Punjab.

Notable persons

  • Mr. O.S. Veerwal - Govt. Service Post Master General Dept. of Post Communication & IT, Bareilly, A-143, Pandara Road, New Delhi, 011-23381171, 01-23073349 (PP-151)
  • Mr. Jagpal Singh Veeral - Plant Protection Officer, Agriculture, SJ-14, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad-201009, UP, Ph: 9891292444, 9990004033 (PP-119)

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  1. Jat Varna Mimansa (1910) by Pandit Amichandra Sharma,p. 57

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