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Vidarbha (विदर्भ) is the eastern region of Maharashtra, comprising Nagpur and Amravati Division. It occupies 31.6% of total area of Maharashtra (Population: 21.3% of the state). It borders Madhya Pradesh to the north, Chhatisgarh to the east, Telangana to the south and Marathwada and Khandesh regions of Maharashtra to the west.

The names of districts in Vidarbha are: Bhandara, Buldhana, Chandrapur, Garhchiroli, Gondiya, Nagpur, Wardha, Washim and Yavatmal.

Situated in central India, Vidarbha has its own rich cultural and historical background. The largest city in Vidarbha is Nagpur. A majority of Vidarbhians speak Marathi and Varhadi - a dialect of Marathi.

The Nagpur region is famous for oranges and cotton. It also has rich mineral resources and forestry.

In recent past, there have been demands for a separate state of Vidarbha. Due to low rainfall and shortage of water, the living conditions of farmers in this region are poor compared to rest of the state.

Nagpur is also known because of the headquarters of Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) in the city.

History of Vidarbha

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