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The Virdi or Virdee (translated into English surnames of Birdi, Birdy, Birdee, Verdi, Virdi, Virdy, Virdee) are a Jatt clan found in Northern India.

Origin and History

They are known to be of the same stock as the Jatt ethnic tribe and other tribes as they are a purely a Indio-Scythian tribe. They are found in the state of the Punjab, Gujarat and Haryana in India. They are described as famous warriors and the ultimate rulers of all the things living. They are believed to be linked to primates of the southern Indian borders with Srilanka due to their prominent lips and lanky appearance. Many of the modern day "Virdi" had historic background in Srilanka Sword Fighting.

It is believed that they are the descendants of Chandravanshi dynasty.

Distribution of Virdi clan

Distribution in Punjab

Distribution in Haryana

Distribution in Gujarat

Virdi ia a village in Junagarh district in Gujarat.

Virdi ia a village in Bhavnagar district in Gujarat.

Virdi ia a village in Amreli district in Gujarat. ‎

Notable Persons

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