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District Map of Rajkot

Virnagar is a town in Rajkot district in Gujarat.

Jat Gotras


James Tod writes that By what route Kanaksen, the first emigrant of the solar race, found his way into Saurashtra from Lohkot (Lahore), is uncertain : he, however, wrested dominion from a prince of the Pramara race, and founded Birnagara in the second century (A.D. 144). [1]

Four generations afterwards, Vijayasen, founded Vijayapur, supposed to be where Dholka now stands, at the head of the Saurashtra peninsula. Vijayapur has been doubtfully identified with Bijapur in the Ahmadabad district (BG, i. Part i. 110). [2]

Vidarba was also founded by him, the name of which was afterwards changed to Sihor. [3]


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