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Vyaghradatta (व्याघ्रदत्त) was a prince of the Panchalas, who fought for Pandavas in the Mahabharata War. Vyaghradatta along with Nila were killed in the war by Ashvatthama.

Jat Gotras originated from Vyaghradatta


In Mahabharata

We find mention of Vyaghradatta in various Parvas of Mahabharata as under:

  • Mahabharata (5.172.7763) - Vyaghradatta, O monarch, and Chandrasena also, O Bharata, are without doubt two of the best Rathas, as I think, of the Pandavas.
  • Mahabharata (7.16.735) - Vyaghradatta, the prince of the Panchalas, pierced Drona with fifty keen-pointed arrows, at which, O king, the troops uttered loud shouts.
  • Mahabharata (7.16.737) - Then the mighty son of Bharadwaja, putting forth his prowess, cut off with a couple of broad-headed arrows the heads decked with earrings from the trunks of both Singhasena and Vyaghradatta.
  • Mahabharata (7.23.1134) - Light brown steeds with backs of the hue of the mouse, and with necks proudly drawn up, bore Vyaghradatta to battle.
  • Mahabharata (7.104.4850) Vyaghradatta, by means of his straight shafts, made Satyaki invisible with his steeds and driver and standard in the midst of his division.
  • Mahabharata (7.104.4851) - The brave grandson of Sini, baffling those shafts with great lightness of hand, felled Vyaghradatta by means of his arrows, with his steeds and driver and standard.
  • Mahabharata (8.6.175) - Another ruler of a maritime country, viz, Nila, and Vyaghradatta of great energy, have both, O king, been despatched to Yama's abode by Ashvatthama.


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