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Jaspal (जसपाल)[1][2] Yaspal (यसपाल)[3] is gotra of Jats found in Punjab, India and Pakistan. It is a branch of the Gondals.[4]


It originated from mahapurusha named Yashapala (यशपाल). [5]


H.A. Rose[6] writes that The Awans in Kapurthala are said to have the Jaspal got.

According to H.A. Rose[7]Jaspal (जसपाल) is an agricultural clan found in Shahpur, Pakistan.

Pratiharas of Kannauj

Pratiharas of Kannauj branch mentions a King named Jasapala (1036 AD) who had the ancestry as under[8]:

Harichandra (550 AD) → Nagabhata I (730–756) → YashovarddhanaVatsraja (775–805) → Nagabhata II (805–833) → Mihir Bhoja (Bhojadeva I) (836–886 AD) → Mahendrapala (885-912 AD) → Mahipaladeva (912-931 AD) → Vinayakapala I (931-943) → Mahendrapala II (943-948) → Devapala (948-959 AD) → Vijayapala (959-984) → RajyapalaTrilochanpala (1019 AD) → Jasapala (1036 AD)


Jaspal is a town in Baba Bakala tahsil in Amritsar district in Punjab.

A family of Jaspal gotra of Sikh Jats is settled in village Rorian, near Malaudh in Ludhiana dist. The family members originally trace their ancestry to a village near Jalandhar.

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