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Amanda is an ancient country mentioned by Greek historians and identified with the Salt Range in Punjab, Pakistan.

Jat clan

Described by Megasthenes

Jat clans as described by Megasthenes mentions about the country Amanda inhabited by four tribes as under :

23. Then succeeds a level tract of country known by the general name of Amanda (Manda) - The Peucolaitae (Panghal), Arsagalitae (Asiagh), Geretae (Getae), Asoi (Asiagh), Whereof the tribes are four in number

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 35 tells ....After Maha Dathika 's death Amanda Gamani, his son, reigned nine years and eight months. ....Amanda Gamani's younger brother, the prince Kanirajanu Tissa, reigned three years in the city, when he had slain his brother. He decided the lawsuit concerning the uposatha-house in the (vihara) named after the cetiya, but sixty bhikkhus who were involved in the crime of high treason did the king order to be taken captive, with all that was theirs, upon the Cetiyapabbata, and he commanded these evildoers to be flung into the caves called Kanira.


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