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Asini Kot is name of an ancient Fort mentioned by James Tod in Annals of Jaisalmer (p.233). Pliny has mentioned Asini for Asiagh clan of Jats.


James Tod writes that Bhatti Chief Rawal Kailan died at the age of seventy-two, and was succeeded by Chachick-deo, who made Marot his head-quarters, to cover his territories from the attacks of Multan, which took umbrage at the return of the Bhattis across the Garah. The chief of Multan united in a league all the ancient foes of the Bhattis, the Langas. the Johyas, the Kheechees, and all the tribes of that region. Chachick formed an army of seventeen thousand horse and fourteen thousand foot, and crossed the Beyah to meet his foes. The encounter was desperate ; but the Bhattis were victorious, and returned with rich spoil to Marot. In the year following another battle took place, in which seven hundred and forty Bhattis were slain, and three thousand of the men of Multan. By this success, the conquests of Chachick were extended, and he left a garrison [thanna] under his son in Asini-kote, beyond the Behah, and returned to Poogul. He then attacked Maipal, chief of the Doondis, whom he defeated. After this victory he repaired to Jessulmer, to visit his brother Lukmun, reserving the produce of the lands dependent on Asini-kote for his expenses at court. On his return home by Baroo, he was accosted by a Jinj Rajput. [1]