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Professor B.S. Dhillon or Balbir Singh Dhillon is author of the book - History and study of the Jats,a renowned publication charting the major events and developments in Jat people, their history, culture, politics and migration with reference to Sikhs, Scythians, Alans, Sarmatians, Goths, and Jutes. Content from the this book is provided on Jatland for the study and research on Jat history.


Dr. B.S. Dhillon is a full Professor and Chairman of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Engineering Management Program at the University of Ottawa. He has published over 240 articles on Reliability Engineering and related areas. He is or has been on the editorial boards of several international journals. In addition, he has written 16 books on various aspects of system reliability, safety, human factors, design, maintainability, engineering management, published by Wiley (1981), Van Nostrand (1982), Butterworth (1983), Marcel Dekker (1984), Pergamon (1986), etc. Several of his books on Reliability have been translated into various languages including Russian, Chinese and German. He has served as General Chairman of the two international conferences on reliability and quality control, held in Los Angeles and Paris in 1987.

Dr Dhillon is a recipient of the American Society for Quality Control Austin J. Bonis Award, the Society of Reliability Engineers Merit Award, the Gold Medal of honor (American Biographical Institute), and Faculty of Engineering Galinski Award for excellence in Reliability Engineering Research. He is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario and is listed in the American Men and Women of Science, Men of Achievements, International Dictionary of biography, Who's Who in International Intellectuals and Who's Who in Technology and so on.

Professor Dhillon attended the University of Wales where he received a B.S. in electrical and electronic engineering and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He received a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the University of Windsor.


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