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Location of Badhadar on NH-11 north of Sikar

Badhadar (बढ़ाढर) or Bhadhadar (भढाडर) is a village in Sikar tehsil Sikar district in Rajasthan.


The founders

Jat Gotras



As per Census-2011 statistics, Badhadar village has the total population of 2894 (of which 1519 are males while 1375 are females).[1]

Notable persons

  • Ch Hira Ram Dhaka and Ch Ruda Ram Dhaka - The Jagirdar wanted to fell green trees in the village. Ch Hira Ram and Ch Ruda Ram opposed who were shot dead by the Jagirdars.[2]
  • Sohan Lal Bhaskar - Principal Bhuma Bara, 01572-228081, Mob:94131622587
  • Dr. Mahendra Mahala - MBBS, MD Medicine Mob:
  • Dr. Vikram Singh Bagaria - MBBS, MD Psychiatry Mob:
  • Dr. Jitendra Kumar Bagaria - MBBS, DHM, PGDPHM Mob:9799720730
  • Dr. Harlal Singh Fageria - MBBS, Mob:
  • Kapil Singh Dhaka - IIT Kgp, IIM Ahemdabad, Founder Matrix JEE Academy Sikar 01572-228089
  • Bhebha Ram Dhaka - from village Bhadhadar in Sikar district is a retired Chief Engineer of Rajasthan Electricity Board
  • Surendra Singh Bagaria - Bank Manager, OBC Mob:9887728949.

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  2. Dr Mahendra Singh Arya, Dharmpal Singh Dudee, Kishan Singh Faujdar & Vijendra Singh Narwar: Ādhunik Jat Itihas (The modern history of Jats), Agra 1998, Section 9 pp. 32

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