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Author of this article is Laxman Burdak लक्ष्मण बुरड़क
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The historic fort of Raja Nahar Singh is located just outside Delhi, at Ballabgarh in Haryana. Now in ruins, it was around 1739 AD, that the work on the construction of the Fort of Ballabgarh began at the request of the forefathers of King Nahar Singh. Once guarded by two gates, the four corners of the palace were decorated with minarets on which large cannons were mounted.

The fort had a Darbar-E-Aam and a Rang Mahal, which were decorated with a beautiful Chhatri visible even today. The fort stands as an outstanding specimen of architectural design. In pattern, the Mahal is in keeping with the finesse of the Mahals of Bharatpur.

The fort was reduced to ruins after Nahar Singh's martyrdom in 1857 AD. The government of Haryana rediscovered and rescued the palace and entrusted it to a well-known team of experts, under whose direction it has been restored to a large extent to its original grandeur. The District Administration has succeeded in reviving the long lost majesty of the Fort of Ballabgarh.

It is in the grounds of this fort that Haryana Tourism and the Ballabgarh Beautification Society celebrate the Nahar Singh Mahal Kartik Cultural Festival in the month of November, every year.

Local people call this fort: Ballamgarh ka Kila. The fort houses some of the most splendid paintings of the ancient times.

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