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For villages of this name see-Bari Fatehpur, Bari Hoshiarpur, Bari Rupnagar

Bari (बारी)[1] Vari (वारी)[2] is gotra of Jats.[3] They live in Uttar Pradesh. [4] Bari clan found in Afghanistan.[5]


H.A. Rose[6] writes that Bari (बारी) is a caste in Bawal who make patals and dunas* of leave, while some are cooks to Hindu Rajputs. They are immigrants from Rajasthan and claim Rajput origin to which their got names point. These are Chauhan (who are Asawarias by persuasion), and others.

In marriage they avoid four gots, and also fellow-worshippers of the devi. Thus an Asawaria (असावरिया) may not marry an Asawaria Chauhan. At a wedding the pheras are not performed until the bride has put on ivory bangles— like a Rajput bride. They affect Bhairon, eat flesh and drink liquor, but Hindu Rajputs will eat food cooked by them and though now regarded as Sudras they are admitted to temples.

* Patal a plats made of leaves (also a screen, made of reeds), duna, a cup made cf leaves. Both are generally made from the leaves of the dhak tree.
†* Devotees of Asawaria Devi, whose temple is at Sambhar in Jaipur.

Distribution in Uttar Pradesh

Notable persons

Bari Village

Bari is the name of a village in tahsil Jhadol in Udaipur District in Rajasthan.

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