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Location of Ahore in Jalor District

Bhadrajan (भाद्राजन) or Bhadrajoon/Bhadrajun is an ancient village in Ahore tahsil in of Jalor district in Rajasthan.


Located on Road connecting Jalor and Pali at a distance of 26 km from Ahore.

Jat Gotras


It is one of Towns and Villages of Chauhan Dominions, mentioned in kanhadadeprabandha, iv,107.[1]

James Todd[2] writes:

Bhadrajan. — A slight notice is due to the principal fiefs of Jalor, as well as the fiscal towns of this domain. Bhadrajan is a town of five hundred houses (three-fourths of which are of the Mina class), situated in the midst of a cluster of hills, having a small fort. The chief is of the Jodha clan ; his fief connects Jalor with Pali in Godwar.


Population of Bhadrajoon according to Census 2011, stood at 5546 (Males : 2859, Females : 2687).[3]

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