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For Chaudhari Bharat Singh of Nilothi village (Delhi), please click here → Chaudhari Bharat Singh

Late Ch. Bharat Singh of Dichaon Kalan

Bharat Singh (famour as Bharte) resident of Village Dichaon Kalan won the Najafgarh seat of MLA (Delhi) in 2009, as an independent candidate. Born on 5 June 1977, Ch. Bharat Singh was a humble farmer and got popularity in political circles also. He was the younger brother of Krishan Pahalwan of Dichaon Kalan.

However, he lost the election in January 2015 (Delhi Assembly).

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Death- Chaudhary Bharat Singh of Dichaon Kalan was murdered in Najafgarh on 29 March 2015, by a group of 8 gunmen. This is a long story of gangwar (personal rivalry and land mafia) where, reportedly, more than 20 persons of both the rival parties have lost life, one by one, in a time period of some 20 years!!

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