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Bindusara (298BC-272BC) (बिन्दुसार), son of Chandra Gupta Maurya and King of Mauryan Empire. After Chandra Gupta’s death his son Bindusara ascended to throne of Magadha, in 298 BC. Sufficient historical evidence is not available regarding his reign. He had assumed the title of ‘Amitraghata’ or the slayer of foes. Therefore it sounds that like his father he was also a conqueror. During his rule the governor of Taxila rose in rebellion which was crushed by his son Ashoka. Bindusara ruled for 25 years before he died in 273 BC.

Mahavansa/Chapter 5 tells that ....The sons of Kalasoka were ten brothers, twenty-two years did they reign in Magadha. Afterwards, the nine Nandas were kings in succession; they too reigned twenty-two years in Magadha. Then did the brahman Canakka anoint a glorious youth, known by the name Candagutta, as king over all Jambudipa, born of a noble clan, the Moriyas, when, filled with bitter hate, he had slain the ninth (Nanda) Dhanananda.

Twenty-four years he reigned, and his son Bindusära reigned twenty-eight. A hundred glorious sons and one had Bindusara; Asoka stood high above them all in valour, splendour, might, and wondrous powers. He, when he had slain his ninety-nine brothers born of different mothers, won the undivided sovereignty over all Jambudipa. Be it known, that two hundred and eighteen years had passed from the nibana of the Master unto Asoka's consecration.

Four years after the famous (Asoka) had won for himself the undivided sovereignty he consecrated himself as king in the city Pataliputta. Straightway after his consecration his command spread so far as a yojana (upward) into the air and downward into the (depths of the) earth.'

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