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Location of Bisawar in Mathura district map

Bisāwar (बिसावर) is a village in Mathura district[1] in Uttar Pradesh. It is a major Jat village of Hanga gotra Jats.


It is a well connected village. It is situated on Mathura-Sadabad road.



The village Bisawar has originated from famous historical and religious village ‘Mahāvan’ in year 1018 AD. At that time the Jat Raja of Mahavan Chaudhary Foolchandra of Hanga clan was more powerful than the Raja of Mathura. The ruins of Mahavan fort can still be seen there. The Invader Mahmud Gazanvi, considering the powerful Raja Foolchandra as major hurdle, decided to attack him first rather than Mathura. Jat Raja Foolchandra was defeated in the war. To protect his beautiful queen from the excesses of the invaders, he hacked her with sword and committed suicide himself.

The descendant of Hanga chief Foolchandra migrated from here to Barāmaī village first and then to Bisāwar, Kursanda etc villages. These villages were earlier occupied by Kirar Thakurs but they moved elsewhere on arrival of Jats here. The ruins of fort of Hanga Chaudharies at Bisawar can still be seen. Later the population of the village Bisawar increased and the Haga Chaudharies founded more villages such as Vidhipur, Tilhū, Chihattar, Khumani ki Garhi, Anta ki Garhi etc. Bisawar still is the main centre of Hanga Chaudharies. These Chaudharies are considered to be more advanced, talkative, and intelligent and people with good manners.

The early history of the village is not known but there is information about two brothers Daud Singh and Maha Ram Singh about 350 years back. The descendants of Daud Singh were in the middle thok, Maharam Singh’s descendants in pachhanh thok, and his earlier descendants in palli or thok. Chaudhari Chhida Singh and his son Narayan Singh founded Bisawar Inter College and his grand son Chaudhary Hoshiar Singh founded degree-college here. Hid second son Chaudhari Harprasad founded here Agricultural School. There are about 10 more Schools to impart education.

Nagla Shekha’s Chaudhary Roshan Singh’s ancestors started the business of silver in the village. Anta ki Garhi is considered most wealthy here.

Jat Gotras


Notable Persons

  • Chaudhary Dori Lal Varma was a senior officer in Cooperative department.
  • Chaudhary Murlidhar of the village started agriculture with modern techniques.
  • Chaudhary Bijendra Singh was the first Jat MLA from this village.

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