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Budina Kalan or Budina Kala or Budhina (बुढ़िना) is village in Muzaffarnagar tahsil of Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh. It is head village of Latiyan Khap.[1]


It's correct name is Budina Kalan and it is approximately 15 km from Shamli on the way from Shamli to Muzaffarnagar.


The Founders


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Notable Persons

  • Ch. Rampal Singh s/o Ch. Bhullan Singh, Choudhary of Latiyan Khap. He is a very respectful person in Muzzafarnagar district.
  • Ch. Kawarpal - Former Pradhan.
  • Ch. Amarpal - Former Pradhan.
  • Ch. Brahmsingh -
  • Sachin -

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