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Burana(बुड़ाना) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan. Buran Jat clan is found in Afghanistan.[1] Burana (बुड़ाना) Jat clan is found in Shahpur. [2]


H. W. Bellew[3] writes that Bibi Matto is said by the Afghan accounts to have borne Shah Husen a number of other sons, viz , Turan, Tolar, Buran, and Polar. Here are

[Page-100]: names of quite a different stamp, and their character is maintained in the subdivisions of tribes springing from them in succeeding generations. Thus Turan is divided into the clans of Tokhi and Hotak, whilst amongst those classed as sprung from Buran are the Andar and Taraki. All these names are distinctly of Turk origin, and the evidence of the Afghan accounts, such as they are, go to show that (even if there had been a prior immigration of some part of this Turk tribe) about the beginning of the eighth century of our era, when the Arabs were over running Transoxiana the country called Turan in contradistinction to Iran with the sword and Kuran, certain Turk tribes, known by the name of Khilich or Khilichi, and said to be Christians of the Nestorian Church at that time a flourishing patriarchate in both Western and Eastern Turkistan emigrated from their native country and sought refuge in the inaccessible mountains of Ghor in Afghanistan.

Distribution in Pakistan

According to 1911 census the Burana were the principal Muslim Jat clan in:

  • Shahpur (Sargodha District) District - Burana (935)

Notable persons


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