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Ceraunus is a river in Cappadocia mentioned by Pliny.[1]


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Mention by Pliny

Pliny [2] mentions.... In the interior (of Cappadocia) also there is the famous river Ceraunus,19 and on the coast beyond the town of Amisus, the town and river of Chadisia,20 and the town of Lycastum,21 after which the region of Themiseyra22 begins.

19 It is doubtful whether this is the name of a river or a town. Notwithstanding its alleged celebrity, nothing is known of it.

20 Hecatæus, as quoted by Stephanus Byzantinus, speaks of Chadisia as a city of the Leucosyri, or Cappadocians. Neither the river nor the town appears to have been identified.

21 Probably on the river of that name, which has been identified with the Mers Imak, a river two or three miles east of the Acropolis of Amisus.

22 The extensive plain on the coast of Pontus, extending east of the river Iris, beyond the Thermodon, and celebrated as the country of the Amazons. At the mouth of the Thermodon was a city of the same name, which had been destroyed by the time of Augustus. It is doubtful whether the modern Thermeh occupies its site.


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