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Chatar (चातर)[1][2] [3]Chatar (चाटर)[4][5][6] Chatur (चतुर)[7] Chattar (चत्तर) Chattar (चाटटार) is gotra of Jats in Pakistan.


This gotra started after people who were very intelligent (चतुर). [8]


Sir H. M. Elliot and John Dowson[9] refer Hwen Tsang who states that at the time of his visit to Sind, the king was of the "Shu-to-lo" race. This has been variously interpreted to mean a "Kshattriya," a "Súdra," and a Rájpút of the "Chatur," or "Chitor," tribe.

Distribution in Pakistan

Chattar - The Chattar are found in Narowal District. They claim descent from the Dogras.

Gurdaspur District, According to 1911 census, had the following principal Muslim Jat clans: Chattar (880),

Notable persons


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