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Location of Chaudhriwas in Hisar district map

Chaudhriwas (चौधरीवास) (Chaudharywas) is a village in Hisar tahsil and district in Haryana. It is located near south-west corner of Hisar district.


The village was established by a Jat farmer. According to the legend there was a Jat farmer who lived in that place. Farmers & other travelers who traveled from Rajasthan to Hisar used to stay with him.

Jat farmer used to provide food, hukka & night stay to the travelers without any cost. He was very popular therefore people called this place CHAUDHARY KA WASA.

Jat Gotras in village

Lochab, Saharan, Godara, Pilania, Baloda, Grewal,

Notable persons

Ch. Ram Sawrup Lochab- Freedom Fighter Azad Hind Fauz

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