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Dhamial Jats (धामियाल) are a Jat Gotra of Punjab, Pakistan.


The Dhamial are of both Rajput and Jat status, as are many tribes of the Pothohar region[1].They account for themselves as having come originally from Ghazni to the Sialkot District, from whence they went to Dhamiak (Jhelum Tehsil) where they built a fort. According to some other sources, both the Dhamial Jats and Rajputs are of Janjua descent. [2]

The Dhamial have no connection with the Dhanyal , the two tribes being quite distinct. [3]

Distribution in Pakistan

The Dhamial claim descent from the Janjua Jats. They are found mainly in Jhelum District and the Gujar Khan Tehsil of Rawalpindi District.

According to the 1931 census the numbered 9,500 of which Jats numbered 1,500 and Rajputs, 8,000. They are chiefly found in the Rawalpindi District but also in Gujrat District, Jhelum District and Attock District of the Punjab and Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir.

Notable persons


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