Dharambir Singh Panghal

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Dharambir Singh Panghal

Dharambir Singh Panghal was born in Taalu village of Bhiwani district, Haryana, on 5 March, 1955.

He has been the winner as Lok Sabha Member from Bhiwani-Mahendergarh constituency in Haryana, on BJP ticket during 2014-2019. In parliamentary elections held in May 2019, he was again elected as MP from the same constituency. He has been MLA, Haryana for 6 terms and has headed various ministries. Recently he left CPS post and MLA, resigned from INC and opted for BJP.

Earlier to it, he was in Lok Dal/Samata Party/Samajvadi Party too. He is an adept politician and has represented Tosham, Badhra, Sohana Vidhan Sabha constituencies in Haryana.

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