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Dhundhari and Shekhawati language regions
Dhundhari and Shekhawati Language Research Sites

Dhundhari/Dhundadi (ढूंढाड़ी) (ISO 639-3: dhd) language spoken in Rajasthan[1].

Dhundari is a Indo-Aryan language spoken in the north-eastern part of Rajasthan state, India (Map 1). The Dhundari-speaking people are found in the districts of Jaipur, Dausa, and Tonk. At least two opinions have been given for the origin of the name ‘Dhundari’. According to the first opinion, Dhundari is believed to have drawn its name from the Dhundh or Dhundhakriti mountain, which is situated near Jobner in Jaipur district. The other opinion is that it is named after a river called Dhundh flowing through this region. Hence the name became Dhundhar.[2]

Alternative names for Dhundari

  1. Dhundhali
  2. Dhundhahdi
  3. Jhadshahi Boli
  4. Kai-Kui Boli
  5. Jaipuri[3]

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