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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Map of Bangladesh

Dinajpur (दीनाजपुर) is a city and District situated in Rangpur Division, Bangladesh.


It was founded in 1786. It is located 413 km north-west of Dhaka in Bangladesh. It is situated in 25°37′ N. latitude and 88°39′ E longitude on the eastern bank of the river Punarbhaba. It is bounded on the north by Suihari, Katapara, Bangi Bechapara, Pulhat, Koshba on the south, on the east of Sheikhupura and by the river Punarbhaba on the west.

Dinajpur is bounded by Thakurgaon and Panchagarh districts in the north, Gaibandha and Joypurhat districts in the south, Nilphamari and Rangpur districts in the east, and the state of West Bengal, India in the west. The main rivers of the district are the Dhepa, the Punarbhaba, and the Atrai rivers.



Dinajpur was once a part of the ancient state of Pundravardhana. Devkot which rotated as the capital of Lakhnauti was located 11 miles south of Dinajpur town. It is also called "City of Maharajas". An ancient engraved stone, believed to be from the Gupta era, was recovered from the bank of a pond near Sura Masjid in the Ghoraghat Upazila in Dinajpur in 8 October.

At the time of Partition of India in 1947, part of greater Dinajpur district was included in West Bengal and it was named West Dinajpur district.


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[1] ने लेख किया है ...दीनाजपुर (बंगाल) (AS, p.439) - गुप्तकालीन अभिलेखों में इस स्थान का नाम कोटिवर्ष है.


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[2] ने लेख किया है ...कोटिवर्ष (AS, p.231) दामोदरपुर, दीनाजपुर ज़िला (बंगाल) से प्राप्त हाने वाले ताम्रपट्ट लेखों के अनुसार पाँचवी-छठी शती ई. में 'पुण्ड्रवर्धन' नामक भुक्ति का एक विषय या ज़िला था। कोटिवर्ष से ही ये दानपट्ट प्रचलित किए गए थे-'कोटिवर्षअधिष्ठानधिकरणस्य।'

अभिलेखों से सूचित होता है कि कोटिवर्ष विषय की स्थिति आधुनिक राजशाही, दीनाजपुर, मालदा और बोगरा के ज़िलों में रही होगी। कोटिवर्ष का मुख्य स्थान शायद फ़रीदपुर (पश्चिम बंगाल) के पास होगा, जहाँ से एक दानपट्ट प्राप्त हुआ है।

West Dinajpur district, India

West Dinajpur district was a district of the state of West Bengal from 1947 to 1992. At India's independence, the former Dinajpur district of undivided Bengal was partitioned along religious lines, and West Dinajpur became one of the 14 districts of West Bengal. The other part of the district continues as Dinajpur District, Bangladesh.

With the States Reorganisation Act of 1956, some Bengali-speaking areas from Bihar were added to this district. On 1 April 1992, the West Dinajpur district was divided into Uttar Dinajpur district (north) and Dakshin Dinajpur district (south).

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