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Dalat (दलट)[1][2] Dulait (दूलैट)[3] Dalan (दलण)[4] Dalan (डलाण) Dolat (दोलत)[5] Dulhait (दूल्हैट) Dulhat (दुल्हत) is gotra of Jats in Rajasthan. Dolat (दोलत)[6] Jat clan is found in Amritsar. [7]


It is said to be originated from Raja Harishchandra's son Dadda (दद्द) born from his wife Bhadrarani. [8]

Jat Gotras Namesake

Mention by Pliny

Pliny[9] mentions Arabia....Also, the island of Chelonitis27, numerous islands of Ichthyophagi, the deserts of Odanda, Basa, many islands of the Sabæi, the rivers Thanar and Amnume, the islands of Dorice, and the fountains of Daulotos and Dora.

27 Stephanus mentions this as an island of the Erythræan Sea. Hardly any of these places appear to have been identified; and there is great uncertainty as to the orthography of the names.


H.A. Rose[10] writes that Dolat (दोलत), Dulhat (दुल्हत), is clan of Jats found in Nabha, Patiala and Ferozepore.* Rai Khanda, their ancestor, is said to have held a jagir near Delhi. His brothers Ragbir and Jagobir were killed in Nadir Shah's invasion, but he escaped and fled to Siuna Gujariwala, a village, now in ruins, close to Sunam, and then the capital of a petty state. He sank to Jat status by marrying his brother's widows. The origin of the name Dolat is thus accounted for. Their ancestor's children did not live, so his wife made a vow at Naina Devi to visit the shrine twice for the tonsure ceremony of her son, if she had one. Her son was accordingly called Do-lat (from lat hair).

* But their Sidh and Pir is Didar Singh, whose shrine is at Mard Khera in Jind.

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Jaipur district

Dalan (डलाण) Jats live in villages: Ganeshpura (1),

Distribution in Uttra pradesh

Villages in Bulandsahar district


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