Dr. Kunwar P. Singh

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Dr. Kunwar P. Singh

Dr. Kunwar P. Singh (Dr. K.P. Singh) is a senior Scientist and Head of the Environmental Chemistry Division, Industrial Toxicolgy Research Centre (ITRC), Lucknow (Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Delhi). He has completed more than 40 research projects related to the environment and water quality funded by various national and international (DFID, UNEP, UNIDO, Blacksmith Institute, USA) agencies. He has published more than 75 research papers in the international journals of high repute. Dr. Kunwar P. Singh belongs to village Ghansoorpur in district Bulandshahar(UP).By gotra,he is Malik.

Fields of research

His research area of major interest are related to:

  • Multivariate and multi-way modeling (Ca, DA, DPLS, FA/PCA,Parafac, Tucker, NPLS etc.).
  • Water Decontamination
  • Fate and Transport modeling of Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
  • Environmental Monitoring and Modeling.
  • Environmental Exposure Modeling.

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