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  1. The Glossary of Rajasthani Language contains Rajasthani romanized words, the words in Devanagari script and Hindi equivalents with meaning in English.
  2. You may use the toolbar at the bottom of the edit window to add Devanagari and other non english characters.
  3. Devanagari alphabets may not be visible on some computers - some PCs do not support Devanagari fonts. Those viewers should install Devanagari font 'Mangal' - for details, please see the thread Tips for use of Hindi on your computer in Tech Talk forum.
  4. A simple technique to insert an equivalent hindi word to a Romanized Rajasthani word is to type and copy from google transliterate, Devnagari Editor or learn from here
  5. Tips for pronunciation of Rajasthani words are: a () as a in "America", ā () as a in “father”; i () as i in “ill”, ī () as ee in “eel”; u () as u in “full”, ū (ऊ) as oo in “fool”; as nna (), as lla (), as nga (), ñ as nya (), ś as sha (), as ssa (), as dda (ड़), as , t as
  6. To write in Hindi see हिन्दी में कैसे लिखें


Abā'r अबा'र - हाल ही में
very recently, now
Āchho आछो - अच्छा


Adak bīj अडक बीज -
seed fallen last year in a field which germinates with the onset of monsoon. The pods of this plant specially in gwar are unwanted.
Adak chūnt अडक चूंट - उजड्ड
a rough and violent person
Aḍāṇai अडाणी - उधारी के बदले में रखी संपत्ति
the property agreed upon in exchange of money lending
Aḍāns अड़ांस - बाधा, रुकावट, जिद
obstacle, arrogance , Ada is a Jat Gotra
Aḍāo अडा़वो - चारागाह
land kept for grazing of animals
Adkāṇ अडकाण - अवरोध
Āḍū आड़ू - मूर्ख
a fellow without civic sense, unmannered one


Āgaḷ आगळ - आगल
wooden rod to fasten the leaves of a door
Āglo आगलो - अगला
foremost, first, chief, principal; prior, previous, preceding, former, anterior; late, recent, belonging to the past, old; coming, approaching, next, subsequent, forthcoming,
Agūnch अगूंछ - अग्रिम
Aguṅī अगुणी - पूर्व दिशा
eastern direction
Ai अ - ये
Aid ऐड - चिन्तामुक्त होकर घूमना
the situation of one’s being free from worries


Ājyā आज्या - आओ
Ājyo आज्यो - आइयेगा
request to come
Ākaḍo आकड़ो - आक
medicinal shrub plant with big leaves and bad odour botanical name Callotropis procera
Akūḷā अकूळा - आकड़े की सूखी टहनियों के ऊपर से उतारे गये सूतिया रेशे को उतारकर उसे कूटकर उससे पतली रस्सी और मोटे रस्से बंटे जाते हैं.
Aḷ अळ - तेलिया
the tiny insects which attack standing crops or vegetable plants, such as mustard plants
Aḷāy अळाय - एक काँटेदार झाड़ी
Āḷbād अळबाद - शैतानी
mischief (also called 'kubhad'कुभद)
Āḷ आळ - शैतानी
Child's mischief (also known as 'Kubhad' कुभद), the practice by two wrestlers
Āḷo आळो - घोंसला, आला, कच्चा फल
nest of a bird, a small recess in a wall, unripe fruit
Ālo आलो - गीला
Aḷsāṇo अळसाणो - अलसाना
to become withered
Ālthī-Pālthī आलथी-पालथी - बैठने का ढंग
the pose of one’s sitting on floor with folding legs one over other.
Āngā आँगा - यूनिट
Anāṇ sanāṇ अनाण सनाण - पहचान
distinguishing feature
Angār अंगार - आग
a burning piece of wood/ coal etc
Āngī आंगी - चोली
traditional blouse worn by ladies
Āngḷī आंगळी - अंगुली
Aṇhuī अणहुई - अनहुई
not happened
Ā'nī आ'नी - अन्धी
windstorm, blind woman
Ānk आंक - अंक
numbers and words
Ānkh Dūkhaṇi आंख दूखणी - आंख का संक्रमण
viral/bacterial eye infection
Ānkhaḍlī आंखड़ली - एक महिला संगीत
a song sung when the husband of daughter comes first time to his in-laws
Aṇmīta अणमीता - असीमित
plentiful, in excess
Ā'no आ'नो - आन्धा
blind man
Ānṭ आँट - रुकावट
the knot, Obstacle
Anṭī अंटी - एक खेल
a street game of rural children with coloured glass-balls used to hit other tiny balls
Āntarai आंतरै - दूर
far off
Āntaro आंतरो - अंतराल
distance, intervail
Ānwatī आंवती - आने वाली


Āpaṇon आपणों - अपना
Ar अर - और
Arḍāṇo अरड़ाणो - रंभाना
call of cattle
Arḍāṭ अर्ड़ाट - किसी चीज का जोर से टूटना
a loud sound of breaking something
Asal असल - मूलधन
Real, the principal amount
Āsaro आसरो - आश्रय


Atakyoḍā अटक्योड़ा - अवरोधित
Aṭhai अठै - यहां
Āthuṇī आथुणी - पश्चिम दिशा
western direction
Āṭī-dora आटी-डोरा - कोया
cocoon and weaving thread
Āṭī-pāṭī आटी-पाटी - कोप भवन
to go into anger-chamber, the room set apart for an angry queen
Attī अत्ती - इतनी
this much
Ausaṇ औसण - आटा आदि गूंथना
to mix the powder (flour etc.) with water
Ausāṇ औसाण - समय मिलना
To get some time to do something Example:मनै तो रोटी खाबा को'ई औसाण कोनी ( I do not have time even to have my food)
Āvaḍai आवडै - मन न लगना
one feels bored
Āvaḍī आवड़ी - एक कोस, यह शब्द बागड़ के इलाके में प्रयोग होता है
the distance of about 2 kilometres
Āvailī आवैली - आयेगी
will come
Āwaṭī आवटी - उबलना
the boiling stage of recipe like rābaḍī or khichaḍī

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