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Gujjral (गुज्जराल) is a Muslim Jat clan found in Pakistan. Gujjral (गुज्जराल), a Muhammadan Jat tribe found in Gujrat, and descended from a boy who was suckled by a Gujar foster-mother. It settled in Gujrat in the time of Auragzeb. [1]


Distribution in Pakistan

Gujjral - The Gujral Jat claim descent from the Bhatti Rajputs. They are found in Gujrat and Jhelum districts. The Jat Gujjral have no connection with the Khatri Gujral, although both communities originate in the Jhelum region.

According to 1911 census the Gujjral were the principal Muslim Jat clan in :

  • Jhelum District - Gujjral (788)

Notable persons


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