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Horace Arthur Rose (H. A. Rose) (1867–1933) was an administrator in the Indian Civil Service and also an author of works related to India in the time of the British Raj.

Early life and education

Rose was the son of a merchant from East Grinstead and was born on 25 November 1867.[1] He was educated at St Paul's School and at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he arrived from his home in Wallingford, Surrey with the award of a scholarship.[2][3]

Indian Civil Service

Rose passed the competitive examination for the Indian Civil Service in 1886 and arrived in India on 4 October 1888. Initially posted as an Assistant Commissioner in the Punjab, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner in March 1898 and in 1902 became Superintendent of the Gazetteer revision.[4] He was Superintendent for the Punjab census in 1901 and from then until 1906 was also Superintendent of Ethnography for that province.[5] From 1906 to 1913 he was a District Judge in the court of District and Sessions of the Punjab, and from then was appointed Judge. He was appointed the rank of Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel in the Indian Army during World War I.

Rose retired from the ICS in 1918 and died at Saint Brélade, Jersey on 18 September 1933.[6]


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H. A. Rose on Jat History

Horace Arthur Rose wrote: "Many of the Jat tribes of the Punjab have customs which apparently point to non-Aryan origin. Suffice it to say that both Sir Alexander Cunningham and Colonel Tod agreed in considering the Jats to be of Indo-Scythian Stock. The former identified them with the Zanthi of Strabo (Greek Geographer of the ancient times) and the Jatii of Pliny (Roman writer) and Ptolemy (Another Greek Geographer of the ancient times); and held that they probably entered the Punjab from their home on the Oxus (in Central Asia) very shortly after the Meds or Mands (still exist as one of the Jat clans of the Punjab), who also were Indo-Scythians, and who moved into the Punjab about a century before Christ."[7]

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