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Location of Hafizabad
Map of Hafizabad

Hafizabad (Hindi: हाफिज़ाबाद, Urdu: حافظ آباد ) is a city and district in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Jat Gotras

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Hafizabad was formerly a place of some importance, and is mentioned in the Ain-i-Akbari as head-quarters of a mahal. Hafiz, the founder, was a favourite of emperor Akbar.[1]

Hafizabad is an old city. In 327 BC, when Sikandar-e-Azam attacked Hindustan, the territory of the Sandal Bar (where Hafizabad is now located ) was a populated area. Big cities were located in this territory, and a lot of sub states were organized here in the presidency of Maharajaz and Rajaz.

In the sixth century, when the famous Chinese tourist Hewang Sayan came here, the area was backward but not empty. Then the tourist moved to Sangla; he stayed one night in one good town then called Jai Pura, which was located near the village Koriala. But afterwards this territory became unpopulated and jungle-like because of a shortage of water and Afghan attackers. This situation persisted until King Akbar's period. In Ashoka's period a big city was situated at the site of the present village of Mehdi Abad; it was a holy place for Buddhists, named after "Bodhaya".

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