History of Origin of Some Clans in India

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History of Origin of Some Clans in India

(with special Reference to Jats)

By Mangal Sen Jindal (1992)

Publisher - Sarup & Sons, 4378/4B, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002, ISBN 81-85431-08-6

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1. Jat From Jutland....1

2. Vaish....109

2a. Maheshwari....114

3. Agroha, Capital of "Agarga Ganrajya" Up to its Destruction....115

4. Vaish Agarwal....117

5. Vaish Agarwal Gindodia....123

6. Vaish Agarwal Rajbanshi....127

7. Rastogi and Paliwal Jaiswal Khandelwal....133

8. Srivastav's Home Town Siravasti....137

9. Gujrat and Maharastra Homeland of Joshis, Pandeys, Panths, Shahas etc. of Modern Kumaun, Garhwal and Nepal.... 143

10. Kamboj' Homeland of Kamboh....149

11. Tyagi....155

12. Gujar....161

13. Parsis....171

14. Hindu Whether "A Particular Religious Community or Caste" and as such a "Command Body" or is a Rashtra....179

15. "Kashi" Cities in the World....187

16. History of Government Revenue From Taxation....191

16. Bibliography....195

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