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Hunda (हुण्डा) is a Jat Gotra found in Madhya Pradesh. It may be a variant of Huda.



Bhisma Parva, Mahabharata/Book VI Chapter 46 mentions Hunda people along with Puravakas in shloka 47:

पटच चरैश च हुण्डैश च राजन पौरवकैस तदा
निषाथैः सहितश चापि पृष्ठम आसीथ युधिष्ठिरः

In Mahavansa

Mahavansa/Chapter 23 tells....In the Kulambari-district in the village Hundarivapi lived Tissa's eighth son named Sona. At the time when he was seven years old he tore up young palms; at the time when he was ten years old the strong (boy) tore up great palm-trees. In time Mahasona became as strong as ten elephants. When the king heard that he was such a man he took him from his father and gave him into the service of the prince Gamani that he might maintain him. Receiving honourable guerdon from him, the warrior took up his abode with him. (HundarivapiHunda)

Distribution in Madhya Pradesh

Villages in Harda District


Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Chittorgarh district


Villages in Pali district

Guriya Pali,

Villages in Jodhpur district


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