Jamalpur Bhiwani

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Jamalpur (जमालपुर), is a large, Jat Village in tahsil Bawani Kheda of District Bhiwani, Haryana.


The districts of Jamalpur and Tohana: The last Harriana districts for consideration, were Jamalpur and Tohana. From 1750 to 1777, they had been overrun by Bhatti and Sikh maurauders, and, in the last named year, were seized by Raja Amar Singh of Pattiala. From 1798 to 1802 they were held by Thomas, and at the time of the Mahratta overthrow by General Perron. The Pattiala Chief certainly did not obtain possession till 1809, for the intervening land was owned by the Bhattis and the right of the British Government was clear. It may be mentioned, to show what peace and security had done for the Cis-Satlej States, that whereas, in 1803, there were in these districts only eleven inhabited estates, in 1836 there were no less than 122. These districts allotted to the English Government were the last affected by the conquests of 1803.[1]

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Total Population Male Population Female Population
8846 4668 4178

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