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Jamni (जमनी) is a village in district Hisar in Haryana.


It is believed that this name has been originated from the name of Rishi Jamadagni and now is called Jamni. Rishi Jamadagni was Parshurama's (reincarnation of Lord Vishnu) father. Rishi Jamadagni is also one of the "Sapt Rishis" that we have. He lived and meditated in Jamni village for long time. Rishi Jamadagni received Kamdhenu as a gift in response to his penances. One day, While returning after vanquishing Ravana on the banks of Reva, Kartavirya Sahashrarjun, the one with the thousand arms, stops at Jamadagni's ashram for rest. Jamdagini with the help of Kamadhenu is able to feed Arjuna's army. Desirous of Kamdhenu, Arjuna forcefully takes the divine cow and its calf. Parshuram and his brothers are enraged when they learn about Arjuna's act. Parshuram defeats Arjuna and returns to the ashram with Kamdhenu and calf. Kartavirya Sahashrarjun, who was a Kshatriya (warrior king), murdered Parshuram's father. Due to this deed, Parshuram made a vow to obliterate all warrior kings.

Jat Gotras

The village is inhabited mainly by 2 gotras: Duhan and Malang.


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