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Jat Vikas Parishad (जाट विकास परिषद) was founded in the year 1986.

It is a social ,Non Political organisation. It is organised by a community for its uplift, for social reconstruction. The Jat vikas Parishad has been functioning from 1986 for social causes.

Roles & Responsibilities

Education & Awareness

Provides Free Education-English Speaking, Personality Development,Interview Preparation Sessions, counselling sessions to Jat students.

Total number of seats are divided as 80-20%.

  • 80% Seats are Reserved for Jat students
  • 20% seats are Reserved for Non Jat students(other Religion,Cast,Race)

At the Same time Jat Vikas Parishad Help the students to know about Glorious Jat History, Culture.

We Invite IAS,IPS,Civil services officers and other Professionals,scientists to motivate Jat students.

Organizing celebrations every year for Intelligent Students of our community to give them certificate of merits and prizes for their hard work.

JVP also Organize Free Career counselling sessions.

Health check ups & Awareness

Organizing Health Check-up Camps for the needy peoples.

Social-Communal Harmony

Jat Vikas Parishad Believes in social Harmony also. Whenever we Provide Education sessions,Health checkups we always invite the needy except from any religion,race or cast.

Other social Responsibilities

  1. Settling problems of our Jat brother with in a respected way for all.
  2. Annual General Body ,Working Committee meet & discussions on Social Problems.
  3. Organising Holi Milan and other cultural Meets.
  4. Making efforts for betterment of our community by way help in getting good education, advising about OBC certificate & by Providing Any Kind of Legal Help also etc.etc.

List of Programmes offered by Jat Vikas Parishad

Here is the list of free education trainings forms for JAT Student. This Training Program is "Fluent English" for 8th to Engineering students & it is free of cost.

1. Basic English Training Programme,

2. Advance English Training Programme,

3. Counselling Session,

4. HR Interview preparation progamme,

5. Computer Literacy programme to Kids,

6. Learn while play-Historical Facts programme to Kids,

7. Engineering-Science Projects Programmes,

8. Informatic Programme

9. Vedic Mathematics-"Be a Human Calculator" Workshop

Photo Gallery & events

Regd. Office

A-18/1, Nanda Road, Adarsh nagar, Delhi-110033.

Executive Body

President:- Mr. Pardeep Rana-9868208004

Advisor:-Saurabh Jaglan-9971569769

Senior advisory Board

  1. Mr. Sultan Singh Dahiya
  2. Mr. Prem Singh Khatri
  3. Mr. Mahender Singh Rathee

Contact details

  • Email ID :- JatVikasParishad@gmail.com
  • Phone No :- +91-9971569769

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