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Author:Laxman Burdak, IFS (R)

Kalahanagara (कलहनगर) was a city mentioned in Mahavansha where there was a war between the armies of prince Pandukabhaya and his spouse Suvannapali.



Kalaha Nagara (कलहनगर) (लंका) (AS, p.148)


In Mahavansha

Mahavansa/Chapter 10 mentions the the Consecrating of Pandukabhaya....Thus from that time onward that youthful princess who was so rich in virtues and merit was called by the name Suvannapali. And the prince took the maiden and mounted his waggon and fared onward, fearless, and surrounded by a mighty army. When her father heard this he despatched all his soldiers, and they came and gave battle and returned, defeated by the others; at that place (afterwards) a village was built called Kalahanagara. When her five brothers heard this they (also) departed to make war. And all those did Canda the son of Pandula slay; Lohitavahakhanda was their battle-field. With a great host Pandukabhaya marched from thence to the further shore of the Ganga toward the Dola-mountain.


विजयेन्द्र कुमार माथुर[1] ने लेख किया है ... कलहनगर (लंका) (AS, p.148) महावंश (10, 41-43) में वर्णित. मिन्नेरी झील (=मणिहीर) के दक्षिण अंबन-गंगा के वामतट पर स्थित वर्तमान कलहगल से इस नगर का अभिज्ञान किया गया है. कलहनगर, सिंहल राजकुमार पांडुकाभय के द्वारा सुवर्णपाली नामक कन्या के हरण करने पर उसके पिता और कुमार की सेनाओं में जिस स्थान पर कलह या युद्ध हुआ था, वहीं बसा था.

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