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Kalal (कलाल) is a Jat clan found in Montgomery and Multan, Pakistan.[1]



H.A. Rose writes that Kalal or Karal, a class of very varying status and probably composite origin. The Karal claim Hindu Rajput ancestry and derive their name from Karauli, the State in Rajasthan. They are divided into 52 clans or gots including the Tulsi and Pital (in Kapurthala). These Karals are also styled Ahluwalia, from Ahlu, a village in Lahore, and the Ahluwalia sections are said to be: Tulsi, Phul, Mali, Rekhi, Sad and Segat. The Karals are found in all the Districts of the Northern Punjab from Gujrat to Hoshiarpur, and are said to avoid widow remarriage. [2]

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