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Kadal (कादल) Kandala (कान्दल)[1] is a Gotra of Jats.[2] Kadal clan is found in Afghanistan.[3]


These people are descendants of apical ancestor Kadal (कादाल) or Kandala (कान्दल). [4] Banasura's wife's name was Kandala (कन्दला).


H. W. Bellew[5] writes that The Bahrechi, or Baraechi in Afghanistan, are reckoned at three thousand families, and comprise the sections : —

Abu. Ali. Bado. Bahadur. Mandu. Shero, etc.

Their country is a poor plain of hard clay, traversed by the Lora river, and surrounded by wastes of sand. The Barechi live in huts of wicker and matting, called Kadal (Persian Kada = "house"), and rear large numbers of camels.

Notable persons


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