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Kulthe is a Jat village about 20 kms south east of the district headquarter of Dhule district in north-western Maharashtra (asn area known historically as Khandesh).


The village has a predominant Jat population, characterised by their fair complexions as against darker complexioned locals and thier fine sturdy physiques. The village Sarpanch is normally a Jat. There are wrestling akharas here and the Jats are predominantly vegetarian, in an otherwise meat-consuming rural population. They trace their migration to the times of Aurangzeb from Rajasthan and UP. They are not very clear about their gotras and have consanguineal ties with the Jats of the other villages of the bavisi of Khandesh. Unlike Tokda in nearby Nasik district, the village is remotely situated and has not attracted any high profile visitors like Dharmendra and others.

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