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Haridwar district map

Libbarheri (लिब्बर हेड़ी) (Libber Hedi) is a village in tahsil Roorkee district Haridwar in Uttarakhand.


The Founders

Jat Gotras


Dr Girish Chandra Dwivedi writes about Letter (transcript from Bharatpur in fragments) by Nawab Safdar Jang addressed to Suraj Mal Jat (Letter given in the main thesis). In the possession of Mr. Mahendra Singh Varma, M.A., grand son of late Chowdhary Hukum Singh of the village, Libber Hedi (Distt. Saharanpur), President of Sarva-Khap Panchayat meeting held at village Shoram (Distt. Muzaffarnagar) in 1952. This letter enlightens us on the intimacy between the Wazir Safdar Jang and Suraj Mal and on the former's dependence on the latter. [1]

Wadanu Khap

Wadanu Khap (वडानू खाप) has 22 villages and its head village is Libbarheri. [2]

Notable persons


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