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Madangir (मदनगीर) village is situated in south Delhi near Mehrauli village.

Jat Gotras

Origin and History

The founder of Village Madangir in South Delhi (adjacent to villages Khanpur, Khidki and Chirag Delhi) was believed to be "Madan" who used to get "Maalgujari"/ Rahdaree (some kind of customs fee) for safe passage of merchandise to the capital old Delhi. The terrain around the village is rocky and was dominated by short and long bushes which suggests that unguarded passage through these forests could have been dangerous and hence a customs post was needed. It is not surprising given the roles played by Jat clans elsewhere in northern India as per documented historical records that the task was handed over to the ancestors of Mahalwals.

The village has a very big old constructed pond which is up for grabs by DDA and local people who have interest in usurping the tracts created by landfills. The local temple (dedicated to "Har Sukh Das" reverently called "Dada (grandfather) Har Sukh Das) has a rather big complex and is adjacent to village cremation grounds.

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