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Captain Amarendra Singh

Maharaja Amarinder Singh1 or Captain Amarinder Singh (born March 11, 1942) is a well known political personality in Punjab, associated with Congress Party. He has earlier been the Chief Minister of Punjab, on two terms (5 years' term each).

He was elected Chief Minister of Punjab, after Congress Party got majority in March 2017 elections for Punjab Assembly. But on 18 September 2021, he resigned from the post of Chief Minister on the directions of Congress High Command in Delhi, and, after two days, Mr. Charanjeet Singh Channa was administered the oath of CM. .

Earlier also, he served as the Chief Minister of Punjab from 2002 to 2007. He has been the the the President of Punjab PCC. He is the titular Maharaja of Patiala.

He was also elected MP (Lok Sabha) from Amritsar constituency of Punjab in May 2014 General Elections, when he defeated his BJP rival, Mr. Arun Jaitley.

Personal life

Captain Singh is a son of Maharaja Yadavindra Singh , former Maharaja of Patiala and his consort Mohinder Kaur. He attended the Welham Boys' School and Lawrence School Sanawar. His children include Yuvraj Raninder Singh and Jai Inder Kaur. His wife Preneet Kaur, has been an MP and served as Minister of State in the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, for the period 2009-2014.

Political career

Amarinder Singh was elected to the Lok Sabha on the ticket of the Indian National Congress in 1980. In 1984, he resigned from Parliament and from Congress as a protest against the Army entry in Darbar Sahib complex during Operation Bluestar. He became convenor of the Sikh Forum and then joined the Shiromani Akali Dal. He was elected to the State legislature and became Minister for Agriculture, Forests, Development and Panchayats.

Later, he broke away from the Shiromani Akali Dal and formed a splinter group named Shiromani Akali Dal (Panthic) which later merged with the Indian National Congress. He served as the President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee from 1999 to 2002 and became Chief Minister of Punjab from 2002 to 2007.

He was elected as the President of the Punjab Congress Committee for the second time in 2009.

Punjab Lok Congress

Punjab Lok Congress (PLC) (English: Punjab People's Congress) is an Indian regional political party, in Punjab founded by Amarender Singh Singh on 2 November 2021 after he resigned as Chief Minister of Punjab and quit the Indian National Congress. The party was formed following a split in Indian National Congress in Punjab. Singh announced that his party wwould contest on all 117 seats in 2022 Punjab Legislative Assembly election.

2022 Punjab Assembly election

In 2022 Punjab Legislative Assembly election, Singh lost from the Patiala Urban constituency to Aam Aadmi Party's Ajit Pal Singh Kohli.

Joined BJP Political Party in Sept. 2022

पंजाब के पूर्व मुख्यमंत्री कैप्टन अमरिंदर सिंह ने आज भारतीय जनता पार्टी (बीजेपी) का दामन थाम लिया. इसी के साथ कैप्टन अमरिंदर ने अपनी पार्टी पंजाब लोक पंजाब लोक कांग्रेस (PLC) का भी भारतीय जनता पार्टी में विलय कर दिया है. आज मंत्री नरेंद्र सिंह तोमर और किरेन रिजिजू ने उनको बीजेपी की सदस्यता दिलाई. अमरिंदर के साथ-साथ उनके कई सहयोगी भी बीजेपी में शामिल हुए. बीजेपी में शामिल होने के बाद अमरिंदर सिंह ने बताया कि उन्होंने अपने समर्थकों से चर्चा की थी. इसमें तय हुआ कि पंजाब का कोई भविष्य देखना है तो बीजेपी के साथ विलय करना चाहिए. उन्होंने कहा कि हमारी और बीजेपी की विचारधारा एक ही है.

साभार: आज तक वेबसाइट दिनांक 19 सितंबर 2022

As an Author

He has also written books on war and Sikh history viz. A Ridge Too Far, Lest We Forget and the most recent being The Last Sunset; Rise and Fall of Lahore Durbar.

1.Though the Privy purses, special privileges like gun salute and the titles of the Princely states' rulers were abolished in 1970 by the Government of India yet the erstwhile rulers continue to use the titles nominally as past practice)


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